Launching my day in a new way is paying off.

If you’re reading this, it’s probably late. You just finished a hard day at work and a post about tools for work feels like the last thing you want to read. If that’s you, bookmark this. Come back when you feel motivated and excited about trying something new. (I promise it’ll be worth it)

Why? This isn’t just a highlight of another new tool, this is an attempt to show how a tweak to my own process, plus the perfect tool for the job has made me more efficient, organized, productive, and focused. I’m hoping someone out there reads this and is able to get something similar out of it for themselves.

If you know me, you know I spend a lot of personal time continually trying new products and tinkering with how I approach my workday. Here’s my attempt to explain what I’m doing on the off-chance it helps you!

Curabase: The biggest change to my workflow in a couple years

Sample curabase board

It’s so simple, I almost overlooked it.

Curabase allows you to easily build a board of links sorted into groups. You can give these links whatever name you like and drag them around where you need them.



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