Building A Team In A Galaxy Far, Far Away

Contains NO** Episode 7 Spoilers, I have not seen it yet! For myself and for those other poor saps who haven’t had the chance to go yet, I decided to keep this to the first 6 movies only.

If our beloved heroes and villains hadn’t been so busy determining the fate of the galaxy, what might they have done instead? Startups, obviously! Naturally entrepreneurial and clearly concerned with making their world (universe, for that matter) into their vision for it, there’s no doubt they would have pursued life in a disruptive startup.

Let’s take a look at where our favorite characters would end up after life went back to normal and they had to make some career and life decisions.

Big thank you to ESPN for the inspiration.

The Light Side and the Dark

Assuming the Jedi and the Sith were not willing to work together, I’ve drafted two dream teams, one for those who lean Light, and those who color a shade Darker with their skills. Ideally, they would work together, after all, diverse teams kick butt.

Alas, they couldn’t be persuaded to put up with one another on startup salaries.

Open Positions:

  • CEO
  • CTO
  • COO
  • VP Business Development
  • VP Sales
  • VP Marketing
  • VP Finance
  • Chairman of the Board
  • First Investor
  • First Contractor

Also Needed:

  • Coworking/Office Space
  • Reliable Transportation




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